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RAM Mounts Wireless Charging Phone Holders for 2020

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2020 just proved to be more exciting because we’ve got big news from RAM Mounts! RAM is releasing early next year two wireless charging phone holders: RAM Tough-Charge with X-GRIP and RAM Quick-Grip Wireless. Prepare your wallets because they’re a bit pricy starting at USD 100.99.

Wireless Charging Cradles on Motorcycle Mount

Not only is this RAM’s first universal wireless charging phone holder, but it’s also waterproof! Great for driving in unstable weather conditions (just make sure your device is also equipped with a waterproof case). These wireless charging cradles are also versatile, making it compatible with various handheld Android and Apple devices. You can already mount your latest device like the iPhone 11 or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10 Plus with this cradle solution!

Left: RAM Tough Charge with X-Grip Wireless Charging Phone Holder
Right: RAM Quick-Grip Wireless Charging Phone Holder

Both products come with an optional safety tether in case you’re traveling on bumpy roads and would require extra grip on your device. These wireless charging cradles are designed with an in-line switch, so you have the option to turn off the wireless charging feature when not in use via a Type-A pigtail connector. These wireless charging vehicle mounts are also compatible with diamond ball bases. You can have them easily mounted on any car or motorcycle.

We also heard that these phone cradles support wireless charging through Otterbox cases. Stay tuned if they’ll be compatible with other cases too!

Watch out for these amazing wireless charging cradles in the next few months! In the meantime, check out available mounting solutions here.

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