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What are the Best GoPro Accessories for Your Travels?

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GoPro has recently launched its high stabilizing with next-level performance latest camera with Hero 8 Black and MAX. GoPro is an action camera that has created a name in the gadget industry for users who want to capture their travels and adventures at the best quality possible. Unlike other digital cameras, the GoPro’s design is compact and light, making it easy for users to mount or pack the device wherever they go, thus the perfect camera for thrill seekers.

RAM Mounts has designed a vast range of mounting solutions for nearly every available device in the market, including action cameras like the GoPro. With its interchangeable ball and socket system, you can easily build your mounting solution. Just choose your base, arm, and holder for your mounting system depending on your need and preference. With this, you can adjust your GoPro device varying on arm length and base (suction mount, tough claw, u-bolt base and more).

Here are a few mounting solutions for your GoPro you might want to try!

  1. RAM Small Tough-Claw with Universal Action Camera Adapter (RAP-B-400-GOP1U)

    Photo from:

    Photo from:

  2. RAM Twist Lock Suction Cup Mount with Custom GoPro® Hero Adapter (RAM-B-166-GOP1)

    Components: RAP-B-202U-GOP1 + RAM-B-201U + RAM-B-224-1U

    Photo from:

    Photo from:

The possibilities are endless with the help of RAM Mounts ball and socket components for your GoPro. Use your GoPro to its limits for any of your lifestyle activities like kayaking, fishing, biking and more.

Check out these videos to see more GoPro mounting options.

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