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RAM® 6-Port Dock for Samsung Tab Active4 Pro & Tab Active5 & 3 (RAM-DOCK-6G8PU)

  • $3,847.00 Ex. Tax: $3,847.00


"This RAM® 6-Port desktop dock charging station was designed specifically to support up to six Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and Tab Active Pro, Tab Active5, Tab Active3 and/or Tab Active2 devices. With the help of spacers included with this dock, you can dock the Tab Active5 right alongside your Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro and Tab Active Pro devices for simultaneous charging. This desktop dock reduces the amount of charging cords needed to charge each device by consolidating power through one cord and providing each Samsung tablet with its own charging bay to reduce clutter.
Features & Tech Specs
  • Charges up to six Samsung Galaxy Tab Active4 Pro, Tab Active Pro, Tab Active5/3/2 devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with OEM case and RAM® Skin™; additional space to attach GDS® Hand-Stand™ accessory
  • Includes spacers for Tab Active3 & Tab Active2 docking
  • Plugs directly into standard wall outlets
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty
  • Overall Length: 11.125""
  • Overall Width: 10.75""
  • Overall Height: 2.875""
  • Materials: High Strength Composite
  • Output Voltage: 5.4V @ 2A (per port)
  • Power Output: 65W Total
  • Warranty Status: 3 year warranty
  • Weight: 6.98 lb
  • Additional Information: This dock is charge-only; power cord included. Supports Input Voltage Range of 100VAC-240VAC/50-60Hz, with use of adapter(s) as necessary for country-specific use.
  • LED Light Behavior Red: Power to the dock is present but no tablet is detected
  • LED Light Behavior Green (Solid): Tablet is present and charging
  • When fully charged, the dock may occasionally show Red for 1-2 seconds and then return to Green. This is due to low current when the tablet is at a high battery level where the dock temporarily does not detect the tablet. Most seen if the tablet is entirely off and/or the screen is off (asleep).
Package Contents
  • 1 x RAM® 6-Port Dock for Samsung Tab Active4 Pro & Tab Active5 & 3 (RAM-DOCK-6G8PU)

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